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Topics: geology, mining, metallurgy, materials science, technology, environmental protection, ... read more...

Time and Venue

The 49th IOC will be held
18 - 21 October, 2017 at
Hotel Jezero, Bor, Serbia
30 July 2017
hotel reservation deadline

Important Dates

15 June 2017
submission of a full-length paper
15 July 2017
notification of the papers acceptance
30 September 2017
final announcement and program

Conference fees

The Conference fee is
€ 130 - Net Amount
Conference fee payment
31 July 2017



University of Belgrade, Technical Faculty in Bor will organize 3rd International Student Conference on Technical Sciences - ISC2016 in colloboration with the Student Parliament of Technical Faculty in Bor. ISC2016 will be held at Hotel Albo, Bor, Serbia, on October 01, 2016.
ISC2016 aims to promote scientific research of students of technical sciences from the country and the region, to exchange ideas and experiences, as well as to strengthen cooperation among university students in the country and the region.


ISC2016 topics will cover the following fields: geology, underground mining, surface mining, mineral processing, extractive metallurgy, metal processing, materials science, inorganic chemical engineering, environmental engineering, engineering management, recycling technologies, industrial engineering, energetics, manufacturing technologies, software engineering applications, mechatronics, machining, design and construction, and other related fields. 

Friday, September 30, 2016, 18:00 – 19:00

17:00 – 18:00 –Registration of participant


18:00 – Opening note:

Prof. dr Dragana Živković - President of the Scientific Committee3rd ISC2016
Doc. dr Ljubiša Balanović - President of the Organizing Committee 3rd ISC2016

18:10 – 18:50 – Oral presentation

01. PhD Student: Dženana Bečirhodžić; Mentor: Adnan Mujkanović; (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Aerogel – A promising future thermal building insulation material
PhD Student: Erna Tutić; Mentor: Adnan Mujkanović; (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Material of the future – Self-healing concrete
Students: Dusan Mrđenović, Milica Miletić–Svirčev, Takuya Ishiguro, Shigehiro Uchiya, Kanako Chisaki Shimizu, Keisuke Yoshino, Shingo Ishida, Kenta Echigoya, Hitomi Sato, Kosuke Jin, Dragana Marilović, Milica Bosković; Mentors: Daizo Ishiyama, Grozdanka Bogdanović; (Serbia, Japan)
Characterization of water streams in Bor mining area
Students: Dragana Marilović, Milica Bosković, Dusan Mrđenović, Milica Miletić–Svirčev, Takuya Ishiguro, Shigehiro Uchiya, Kanako Koizumi, Chisaki Shimizu, Keisuke Yoshino, Shingo Ishida, Kenta Echigoya, Hitomi Sato, Kosuke Jin; Mentors: Daizo Ishiyama, Grozdanka Bogdanović; (Serbia, Japan)
The impact of mining activities on theof river in Bor mining area

18:50 – 19:30 – Poster Session

05. PhD Student: Uroš Stamenković; Mentor: Svetlana Ivanov; (Serbia)
Microstructures and properties of Sn-Zn low temperature lead-free solder alloys
06. Student: Milica Miletić–Svirčev; Mentor: Milan Radovanović; (Serbia)
Electrochemical behavior of stainless steel 316l in the simulater body fluids solutions
07. Students: Nevena Munćan, Dragana Marilović; Mentor: Zoran Štirbanović; (Serbia)
The possibility of improving the technological process parameters of flotation of copper ore from deposit “Južni revir” of copper mine Majdanpek
08. Student: Fabian Garcia Torres; Mentor: Shehret Tilvaldyev; (Mexico)
Electro propulsion or ion propulsion learning project
09. Students: Miloš Trajčević, Jovana Marković; Mentor: Miodrag Žikić; (Serbia)
Review of accomplished exploitation capacity of primary loading mechanization at the open pit „Veliki Krivelj“
10. Student: Luis Angel Legarreta Magallanes; (Mexico)
Analysis of efficiency of solar cells and batteries for energy storage
11. Student: Gerardo Adrián Muñoz Pérez; (Mexico)
Application of ecofriendly and energy saving materials and devices on airport infrastructure
12. Student: Luis Guillermo Alvarado Hernández; (Mexico)
Environmental impact generated by the pollution of the commercial airplanes
13. Student: Mariia Parfenova; Mentors: Vera Vorob'eva, Vasily Lutsyk; (Russia)
3D computer model of the Au-Ge-Sn T-x-y diagram for lead-free solders
14. Student: Karla Melissa Hidalgo Martinez; Mentor: Shehret Tilvaldyev; (Mexico)
Appearance of dynamic pressure in micro-scale of subsonic airflow around symmetric objects
15.Student: Leili Tilvaldyeva; (Canada )

Glaciers and greenhouse gases
16. Student: Dušan Mrđenović; Mentor: Milan Radovanović; (Serbia)
Electrochemical behaviour of titanium and titanium alloys in biological solutions
17. Students: S. Stoykov, D. Stoyanov; Mentors: R. Paunova, D. Grigorova; (Bulgaria)
Thermodynamics investigation of reduction of fayalite waste product with calcium carbide
18. Student: D. Stoyanov; Mentor: D. Grigorova, R. Paunova; (Bulgaria)
Briquetting of fayalite containing material and calcium carbide mixture
9. Student: Dušan Bogdanović; Mentor: Nenad Milijić; (Serbia)
Monitoring the impact of impurities in anode copper in the process of electrolytic refining
20. Students: Milan Stajić, Nikola Jovčić, Miloš Stojanović; Mentor: Igor Svrkota; (Serbia)
The influence of underground mining to ground surface
21. Students: Amna Hodžić, Almedina Dedić-Vrbanić, Almedina Podojak; Mentor: Diana Ćubela; (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
A metallographic analysis rh950 condition of 17-7pH steel with modified chemical composition
22. Students: Katarina Stefanovic, Marko Nikolic; Mentor: Jelena Malenovic Nikolic; (Serbia)
The impact of mullock and ashes from the mining - energy complexes on the environmental quality
23. Student: Kristina Božinović; Mentors: Mirjana Rajčić-Vujasinović, Vesna Grekulović, Milan Gorgievski; (Serbia)
Extraction of metal ions using ion exchange resins
24. Student: Srđan Živković; Mentors: Milan Gorgievski, Mirjana Rajčić-Vujasinović, Vesna Grekulović; (Serbia)
Utilization of corn stalk as an biosorbent for the adsorption of copper ions from synthetic solutions
25. Student: Bojan Zdravković; Mentors: Vesna Grekulović, Mirjana Rajčić-Vujasinović, Milan Gorgievski; (Serbia)
Composite coatings of nickel with the addition ofparticles
26. Students: Amra Neslanović, Ramo Abazović; Mentor: Ana Beroš; (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Effects of bentonite mixture input into a flask per layers of different granulometric sand composition on circular mixture cycles and mould condition
27. Student: Mirjana Nikolić; Mentor: Ivana Marković; (Serbia)
Influence of thermomechanical treatment on properties of sintered Cu-Pt alloy
28. Student: Marko Banković; Mentor: Ivana Marković; (Serbia)
Influence of deformation degree on properties of PM Cu-2Pt alloy
9. Student: Marijana Mladenović; Mentor: Ivana Marković; (Serbia)
Isothermal annealing behavior of cold-deformed copper and copper-platinum alloy


Submitted abstracts accepted by the Scientific Board of ISC2016 will be published in Book of Abstracts.  All undergraduate and master academic students have the right to participate, participation is free of charge.

Abstract submission September 1st, 2016.

Scientific Committee

    Prof. dr Dragana Živković (UB TF Bor, Serbia),
    Prof. dr Milan Antonijević (UB TF Bor, Serbia),
    Prof. dr Nada Štrbac (UB TF Bor, Serbia),
    † Prof. dr Svetlana Nestorović † (UB TF Bor, Serbia),
    Prof. dr Sulejman Muhamedagić (FMM Zenica, B&H),
    Prof. dr Ilhan Bušatlić (FMM Zenica, B&H),
    Prof. dr Mirsada Oruč (FMM Zenica, B&H),
    Prof. dr Mirko Gojić (MF Sisak, Croatia),
    Doc. dr Natalija Dolić (MF Sisak, Croatia),
    Prof. dr Žarko Radović (MTF Podgorica, Montenegro),
    Prof. dr Jožef Medved (Ulj FNT Ljubljana, Slovenia),
    Prof. dr Tatjana Volkov Husović (UB TMF, Serbia),
    Dr Vladan Ćosović (UB IHTM, Serbia),
    Prof. dr Vitomir Milić (UB TF Bor, Serbia),
    Prof. dr Nenad Vušović (UB TF Bor, Serbia),
    Prof. dr Dragan Manasijević (UB TF Bor, Serbia),
    Prof. dr Mirjana Rajcić Vujasinović (UB TF Bor, Serbia),
    Prof. dr Miroslav Sokić (UB ITNMS, Serbia),
    Prof. dr Mile Dimitrijević (UB TF Bor, Serbia),
    Doc. dr Jovica Sokolović (UB TF Bor, Serbia).
    Dr Ana Kostov (IRM Bor, Serbia)

Organiying Committee

    President: Doc. dr Ljubiša Balanović
    Secretary: Doc. dr Vesna Grekulović and Doc. dr Saša Stojadinović
    Prof. dr Dragan Manasijević,
    Doc. dr Srba Mladenović,
    Doc. dr Milan Radovanović,

    Doc. dr Aleksandra Mitovski,
    Doc. dr Ivana Marković,
    Doc. dr Milan Gorgievski,
    Doc. dr Dejan Petrović,
    M.Sc Žaklina Tasić
    M.Sc Uroš Stamenković,
    Jovana Marković,
    Stefan Ornić,
    Miloš Trajčević,
    Kristina Božinović

We welcome all students and wish them successful meeting!


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