Call for Papers

Topics: geology, mining, metallurgy, materials science, technology, environmental protection, ... read more...

Time and Venue

The 49th IOC will be held
18 - 21 October, 2017 at
Hotel Jezero, Bor, Serbia
30 July 2017
hotel reservation deadline

Important Dates

15 June 2017
submission of a full-length paper
15 July 2017
notification of the papers acceptance
30 September 2017
final announcement and program

Conference fees

The Conference fee is
€ 130 - Net Amount
Conference fee payment
31 July 2017

Organizing Committee

  • Doc. dr Ivana Marković (UB TF Bor)  - president
  • Doc. dr Ljubiša Balanović (UB TF Bor) - vice-president
  • Doc. dr Saša Stojadinović (UB TF Bor) - vice-president
  • Prof. dr Svetlana Ivanov (UB TF Bor)
  • Prof. dr Dragan Manasijević (UB TF Bor)
  • Prof. dr Snežana Urošević (UB TF Bor)
  • Dr Ana Kostov (IRM Bor)
  • Doc. dr Vesna Grekulović (UB TF Bor)
  • Doc. dr Aleksandra Mitovski (UB TF Bor)
  • Doc. dr Dejan Petrović (UB TF Bor)
  • Doc. dr Milan Gorgievski (UB TF Bor)
  • Doc. dr Ana Simonović (UB TF Bor)
  • Doc.dr Tanja Kalinović (UB TF Bor)
  • Doc.dr Marija Petrović Mihajlović (UB TF Bor)
  • M.Sc. Uroš Stamenković (UB TF Bor)
  • M.Sc. Oliver Marković (UB TF Bor)
  • Slavica Stevanović, prof. engl. (UB TF Bor)
  • Sandra Vasković, prof. engl. (UB TF Bor)
  • Predrag Stolić, dipl. Ing. (UB TF Bor)
  • M.Sc. Ana Radojević (UB TF Bor)
  • M.Sc. Jelena Milosavljević (UB TF Bor)
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