Call for Papers

Topics: geology, mining, metallurgy, materials science, technology, environmental protection, ... read more...

Time and Venue

The 49th IOC will be held
18 - 21 October, 2017 at
Hotel Jezero, Bor, Serbia
30 July 2017
hotel reservation deadline

Important Dates

15 June 2017
submission of a full-length paper
15 July 2017
notification of the papers acceptance
30 September 2017
final announcement and program

Conference fees

The Conference fee is
€ 130 - Net Amount
Conference fee payment
31 July 2017

Session 1 - Oral Lectures

Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 15:00 18:00, Room A

Chairpersons: Rada Novaković, George Kaptay, Zdenka Zovko Brodarac

Section lecture - 15:00 – 15:15

  1. Iulian Riposan, Mihai Chisamera, Stelian Stan (Romania)
    Control of graphite formation in commercial cast irons

Oral presentations 1 - 15:15 – 18:00

  1. Vasily Lutsyk, Vera Vorob'eva (Russia)
    4D computer model of the Fe-Ni-Co-FeS-NiS-CoS subsystem T-x-y-z diagram
  2. Aleksandra Kozlowska, Adam Grajcar, Piotr Sendla (Poland)
    Improvement of corrosion resistance of high-Mn steel by constituting passive film in HNO3 solution
  3. Christof Lanzerstorfer, Stefan Grill, Andreas Steinwandter (Austria)
    Top-gas cleaning at blast furnaces: comparison of wet and dry systems
  4. 5.Alexander Udovsky, Dmitry Vasilyev (Russia)
    Manifestation of ferro-, anti-ferro and paramagnetic phase diagram as specific heat singularities of Fe-Cr alloys
  5. Valery Vassiliev (Russia)
    The use of the EMF method in the thermodynamic of metallurgical processes
  6. Piotr Palimaka, Stanislaw Pietrzyk, Krzysztof Gebski, Wojciech Gebarowski, Michal Stepien (Poland)
    Hydrometallurgical recycling of neodymium from permanent magnets
  7. David Bombac, Tatjana Pirtovšek, Goran Kugler, Milan Terčelj (UK, Slovenia)
    On the hot workability improvement of AISI M42 tool steel
  8. Wojciech Gębarowski, Stanisław Pietrzyk, Piotr Palimąka (Poland)
    Oxide coatings produced on aluminium by PEO process at different frequency of pulsed current
  9. Andrzej Piotrowicz, Stanisław Pietrzyk (Poland)
    Non-mechanical method for recover polycarbonate disc from compact disc
  10. Marijana Majić Renjo, Lidija Ćurković, Irena Žmak (Croatia)
    Electrosteric stabilization of concentrated alumina – zirconia suspension
  11. Marko Pavlović, Sanja Martinović, Marina Dojčinović, Milica Vlahović, Zoran Stević, Tatjana Volkov Husović (Serbia)
    Damage level evaluation of zircon samples caused by cavitation erosion using image analysis
  12. Jovana Đokić, Željko Kamberović, Marija Korać, Milisav Ranitović, Nemanja Todorović (Serbia)
    Conceptual study for valorization of In, Ga and Ge
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