Call for Papers

Topics: geology, mining, metallurgy, materials science, technology, environmental protection, ... read more...

Time and Venue

The 49th IOC will be held
18 - 21 October, 2017 at
Hotel Jezero, Bor, Serbia
30 July 2017
hotel reservation deadline

Important Dates

15 June 2017
submission of a full-length paper
15 July 2017
notification of the papers acceptance
30 September 2017
final announcement and program

Conference fees

The Conference fee is
€ 130 - Net Amount
Conference fee payment
31 July 2017

Jugo-Impex d.o.o, Nis


Company Jugo-Impex d.o.o. Niš was found in 1990. by Mr. Šćekić Vujadin. Officially, from 1992. it is actively engaged in trading and processing non-ferrous materials. From 1994. Jugo-Impex d.o.o. starts the Recycling business, especially for copper and copper alloy materials. Today, with its own advanced mills, and machines for separation and granulation it is one of the biggest processors of the scrap copper materials in Serbia and Balkan.

From 2005-2012. Jugo-Impex successfully developed a new department - Foundry.

The greatest success was a new type of product that was made in 2009., called “copper shot” or expanded copper granule, used in chemical industry, never before produced in that quality in Serbia. Currently we export this product to France, but we are in negotiations to export it to the markets of Germany and England in a near future.

We must also point out a very successful collaboration with domestic institutes and universities in the field of development of metallurgical industry, process of the waste materials, in the field of alternative energy sources and energy efficiency.

With a new law of waste management and special waste regulations, we have open a new Department of dangerous waste management, storage and transport. All dangerous materials that can not be managed here, they are exported to Romania and Austria due to our exclusive contracts with our partners there.

In the year 2010, we have opened, a new company Jugo-Impex EER - EReciklaža, for collecting, transport and management of electric and electrical waste. On 10.000m2 of space, with a storage space of 5.000m2, cut-of-the-edge equipment for refrigerator management by MEWA, 3 lines for separation by hand, our own collecting network, contracts with almost all IT companies in Serbia, we are for sure a biggest investment of this type and biggest facility of this type in the Balkan area.

To learn more about our products and services visit

Contact Info

Jugo-Impex d.o.o. Niš
Vazduhoplovaca bb, 18000 Niš
Tel/Fax: (018) 4583-592, 4583-593
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