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Time and Venue

The 49th IOC will be held
18 - 21 October, 2017 at
Hotel Jezero, Bor, Serbia
30 July 2017
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15 June 2017
submission of a full-length paper
15 July 2017
notification of the papers acceptance
30 September 2017
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The Conference fee is
€ 130 - Net Amount
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31 July 2017


SGS1 smol



SGS Group is the world's largest organization for inspection, testing, monitoring and certification. As a global model, SGS operates through a network of more than 75,000 employees in 1,500 offices and laboratories around the world. SGS is recognized as a global model for the highest standards of expertise, quality and integrity.


Founded in 1878, as an inspection organization for quality control of cereals. The headquarters of the company moved in 1919 from Rouen, France, to Geneva, where it is today. Actions of SGS Group appeared on the market in 1985.


SGS strives to provide quality of products and services to its customers and consumers around the world, by professional and independent verifications, testing and certifications, creating added value to customers, employees, shareholders and society. Four main categories of SGS business are:

  • Inspection of quality and goods;
  • Inspection of quality and characteristics of the product according to different standards in state of the art laboratories;
  • Certification of management systems, products and services;
  • Verification and monitoring of projects and investments.


SGS aims to be undoubtedly a leader and innovator in providing the services of verification, testing and certification, relying on its own distinct brand in the world of quality, integrity, unique network of offices and laboratories and the selection of the best people. With enthusiasm and determination will take its leadership into new adjacent markets with a commitment to provide our customers with appropriate solutions.


SGS Beograd was founded in 2001. as a full member of the SGS Group and from then begins its rapid development and winning new markets in the area of ​​professional and specialized services. SGS Beograd today employs over 120 skilled and experienced professionals, dedicated to providing first class services and prepared at all times to create added value its customers . SGS Beograd is authorized by the national accreditation board as an inspection body according to ISO / IEC 17020.

Within the company are:

  • A modern and fully equipped laboratory for agricultural and food products, plant nutrition, animal feed, pre-insulated multi-layer pipe systems and textile products, accredited according to ISO / IEC 17025, which is located in Novi Sad.
  • Office in Montenegro with the location in the Bar.

Thanks to the excellent professional experience, strict adherence to ethical standards of the founders and the support of the global network, SGS Beograd has become a leading international company in Serbia in the field of inspection and certification, with the goal to become soon the same in the area of ​​testing services.

SGS Beograd is able to provide services in the following business lines:

  • Agricultural Services
  • Mineral Services
  • Industial Services
  • Oil, Gas & Chemicals Services
  • System & Services Certification
  • Environmental Services
  • Consumer Testing Services
  • Governments Institutions Service


SGS Minerals Services delivers a broad spectrum of independent quality and quantity services. The expertise of Minerals services meets the Quality & Quantity inspections services requirements for clients engaged in exploration and investment, mining and mineral processing, power generation, steel and pother metals, and productions in the trade of dry bulk commodities.

We can also provide complete outsourcing solutions, from the installation and operation of mechanical sampling system, to the management and operations of onsite laboratories.

SGS Minerals Services makes available on a worldwide scale, a unique blend of quality staff, commitment to impartiality, with an unrivalled experience in all aspect of quality & quantity verification and control, risk management and outsourcing.


The basic purpose of sampling is to collect a manageable mass of material which is representative of the total mass of material from which it was collected. This manageable mass of material is called a sample and is subject to certain preparation procedures that render it suitable for either physical testing or laboratory analysis.

Sampling may be carried out, as per agreed standard (ISO/ASTM) by either manually or by mechanical means, the latter being more preferable with respect to operator safety and correct sampling.

Mechanical Sampling

  • Eliminates risk of human error that can lead to incorrect procedures
  • operator safety whilst allowing correct sampling to be performed
  • Fully automated
  • Representative, unbiased samples that can be verified through bias tests
  • Crushing and secondary sampling on line results in a time and cost saving over manual sample preparation
  • Full cross section of stream can be sampled resulting in every particle having equal probability of being included in the sample
  • Maintain sample integrity - no sample loss or contamination

Marketing advantage gained through ability to demonstrate that quality control is being carried out in compliance with recognized Standards. Mechanical sampling is a fundamental part of the Quality System


The execution of analytical procedures at any point in the production chain must be completed with the most attention to accuracy, reputable methodology and reliable operating procedures. Impartial, independent analysis is critical to the continuation of the international energy materials and minerals trade.

Analytical work is performed in accordance with recognized standards such as ASTM, ISO, JIS, and other accepted industry standards in order to determinate for examples: chemical and mineralogical composition, granulometry, bulk density, hard groove index, trace element and even moisture content, chlorine tests, etc.

We perform also the witnessing of physical and chemical analysis at manufacture / sub-contractors lab, as per agreed standard (ISO/ASTM)



The laboratory facility is located in the city of Bor 240 km from the Serbian capital Belgrade. The laboratory provides quality analytical services to the mining and exploration industries. A range of services are available at the facility including:

  1. Sample Preparation: Sorting, Drying, Crushing, Splitting, and pulverizing.
  2. Fire Assay: Gold analysis with AAS (0.01ppm) finish for exploration, grade control, and mining samples or ICPMS (1ppb) for low level soil and stream sediment samples.
  3. Aqua Regia Digestion: Base metal analysis with AAS or ICPMS finish.
  4. Four Acid Digestions: Base metal analysis with AAS or ICPMS finish.
  5. Sulfur: Sulfur analysis by combustion.
  6. Bulk Density: Bulk Density on core samples by waxing and immersion.

The laboratory uses all of SGS Globally accredited methods and procedures and participate in various international Round Robinsurveys.The laboratory has a large sample preparation and analytical capacity capable of handling of more than 700 samples daily. The laboratory is able to provide a very good turnaround, with most assays done onsite and not sent overseas for further analysis, hence reducing transport costs and turnaround.

The Laboratory provides services to various active exploration and Mining companies including:

Avala Resources, Dunav Resources, RTB Bor, Stara Planina, Balkan Gold, and a number of small overseas companies.

Brochures for the laboratory facility are available at the SGS booth. Laboratory visits can be organized upon request and for the duration of the conference.

To learn more about our products and services check Brochure Group History Brochure and Group Profile 2013 or visit SGS Serbia at

Contact Info

SGS Beograd Ltd

Jurija Gagarina 7b
11070 Belgrade
RS Serbia

+ 381 11 71 55 275
+ 381 11 22 84 241